High Resolution C.T. Scan:

The 64-slice CT scan machine which is one of the very few in the country has high tech imaging capabilities, allowing accurate diagnosis at greater speeds. Besides, addition to that feature, the machine can perform biopsies on nodules that measure less that a centimeter accurately, with minimal risk for complications. Image post-processing (VRT) facilitates communication to patients and their attending physicians of the nature and extent of the patient's pathology/problem.

Neuro C.T. Scan

  • Perfusion Scan 
  • Cerebral Angiography (Exceptionally high power & Sub milimeter Aquisition)


  • Bone Mineral Densitometry. Superior to DEXA Scan for Evaluating Bone Density

Dental Scan

  • With Panoramic Reconstruction

High Quality C.T. Angiography

  • Exceptionally High Power (mA) at low kV and Sub-milimeter Aquisition resulting in high quality images even of small distal vessels

3D Reconstruction

  • Special Post Processing Software for realistic 3D lmages specially usefull for Neuro, Vascular, Ortho and Urological Studies

C.T. Stonogram

  • Special Low Dose KUB Scan suitable for patients who may need multiple followup

Very Low Dose Screening Chest C.T.

  • Specially filter Technology to reduce radiation dose when screening asymptomatic patients eg. chronic smokers

Low Dose Pediatric Scan

  • ----

C.T. Fistulogram

  • ----

Coronary Calcium Scoring

  • ----

C.T. Guided Biopsy

  • ----

All other regular protocols C.T.

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STAT Provisional Reports on request

  • subject to radiologist's availability